Power of Mercy

The bible says that the mercies of God endureth forever. There are not too many things that force the mighty hand of God as forcefully as the mercies of God. Read More.

Respecting the Holy Spirit I

If we can respect the Holy Spirit as we respect the Law of the Land, our lives will be very awesome. Read more.

Respecting the Holy Spirit II

It is amazing what our relationship with the Holy Spirit results to. It is amazing. It is totality of life seen and unseen. Read more.

Respecting the Holy Spirit III

Do you respect the Holy Spirit? Do you wake up each morning not to miss just one prompting of the Holy Spirit? Read more.

The Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ

Of all the things God created, The Blood is the most important to both physical life and spiritual life. Read more.

Sing Praises with Understanding

The praises we do unto God in every Christian gathering is the most important time. Read more.

The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ is the Kindom of all kingdoms. Read more.